head, fifteen

Your advantages

You have an artistic potential and tend to be a polyglot. Regardless of your career path, your preferences in hobbies will always be art related. You have a skill for visualization and can draw and paint, sculpt, do makeup, and be a cinema reviewer. You love your family and want to have a cozy family nest, but there is something in you that longs for adventure, for being daring and crazy. That's why you are always in doubt whether you are doing everything that suits you in life or not. However, you know that you deserve best in this life, and you reach it.

Relationships, long-termed and warm ones, are the main thing for you. You are a person that is able to love sincerely and selflessly. Your partner should be truly lucky. However, you need to direct your love to yourself as well. You are talented and know a price to hard work, so always fight for what you deserve.

Being a parent, you have a strong and close family, and your relationships with children are warm. If you love someone, you can't hide it and don't need to. You are a reliable person, but keep away from advisors, because in your case you don't need someone's advice to make decisions in life. People, who are born on the 15th day of the month, tend to be looking younger than their actual age. Be confident in your decisions and trust your intuition, because you are the only person who is interested in your happiness.

Your shortcomings

You are too touchy, every bit of criticism really hurts you. You often dedicate yourself too much to others, so they stop valuing your help. People should treat you the same way, as you treat them, at least you live up to this statement, but reality is different. Value yourself, it doesn't mean to change. It means to provide help and support when people really need it, without letting them use you. You are not a stepping stone or a shoulder to cry on for somebody.

Your creativity is a gift, but you tend to waste it by scattering your attention on less important stuff or by not finishing things. You tend to let yourself too much pleasures, such as food, sex, gambling and it may become dangerous for you. It is really needed that you are able to organize and commit yourself to your life and work.

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