head, ten

Your advantages

You are perfectionist and have really developed inner feeling. You can rely on your intuition fully and even try yourself as a counselor or psychologist. You know what is on the mind of others when they are only shaping their thoughts into words. You sense their real motives and it helps you to anticipate their actions.

Your spectrum of feelings is really wide and you always react on actions of others. However, not everybody is kind to you and you fell really bad after someone's negative words towards you. People like you are very inspirational, you are easily inspired and it is contagious. Your ideas have a potential to be multiplied by other people, as you can be a real motivation or others.

Some people find out the truth of life through the experience, but you intuitively know how to act in this or that situation without experience behind. Your 'superpower' is to show people the range of their possibilities, to surprise and inspire them to do things they could have never dare to dream about before. You are an inspirational person, but you can't give instructions on how to do things. You direct people, but all the actions and decisions are up to their choices in life. You are very consistent, as soon as you know you want something. You know you should work for it. It is in your nature to bring everything to your own condition of 'perfect'.

Your touchiness makes life hard for you time after time. You can't stop caring about what other people think. You should analyze yourself, why it is so important for you and why it hurts you. You should be a center of your life, and you deserve to be. Work on your self-esteem and keep on inspiring others.

Your shortcomings

You are not the best player in financial and business sphere. Due to your emotionality you can't stay cool and analytic, when some serious decisions need to be made, and your emotions prevail over your mind. You are an intuitive person rather than pragmatic. You owe most of solved conflicts to your intuition and not to your experience or skill. Also, you tend to dream more than to do. You need to take care of your diet, pay particular attention to the amount of sugars and macronutrients in your diet.

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