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Being an art of mystery, numerology at its foundation is really easy. The information needed comes to the name given you at birth and your birth date and the world of numerology is yours to command. Numerology utilizes digits from 1 to 9 and 11 and 22. These numbers are used while making a numerology chart. Numbers larger than abovementioned occur all the time and they are reduced to more simple numbers by adding each digit together. For example if you have 24 as a sum from your name, add 2+4 and you’ll get 6. Add the number until you get the simple one. These numbers are called core ones. The numbers like 11 and 22 are called master numbers. Every number has a set of meanings associated with it.

Master numbers usually double and increase the power of features concerned with corresponding core numbers (for 11 it is 2 and for 22 it is 4), making the manifestation of the characteristic harsher or more explicit. These numbers are also a sign of high intellectual potential of a person and of firmness in the nervous situations. Master numbers are as important as core numbers, both of them are of similar priority. Numerology also operates your date of birth and is a very important aspect. It makes an index in the numerology called Life Path number, and influences many others. It is created from month, day, and year of your birth.

Your complete name at birth is also indispensable in the numerology. You are unique and your name in combination with your date makes the destiny true only for you. The Roman alphabet has a number, attached to the particular letter. Experts in numerology suggest your name to be irreplaceable in most of calculations concerning your fate. The most interesting aspect is that people often change the names or take pseudonyms, but for numerology the only name that makes sense is complete name obtained at birth.


Number 1

This number has a strong power of will and bright self-expression. Number one obtains organizational skills and is successful in managerial activity. Any profession where the creativity and active state of mind is needed suits the first number. As a personality, this number is oriented inwards, but in relationships holds a leader position. In relationships they are dynamic people that won’t make the partner bored, but demand the same from the partner, being quite selfish. The side effects of this number may be in obstinacy, boldness, inability to listen and in self-assurance.


Number 2

Usually people love the type of people guided by number 2. They are calm, generous, honest, touchy, caring and have a strong inner balance. The energy of this number perceived well by everyone around, because such people easily stop the argument and can prevent stressful situation from the beginning. As the Moon guides this number, such people are good “satellites”, their relationships are harmonious and caring. Here unpleasant features of the character may be in oversensitivity, manipulation, and conflicting nature.


Number 3

People having number 3 are very friendly and positive. These people are able to charge everyone around and be in the limelight every time at the company. This type of person searches for interesting time-spending, creative self-expression and feels good in the society. However, sometimes striving for something extraordinary may lead to pink glasses, withdrawal from the reality and inability to concentrate on needed things. The planet of guidance is the Jupiter. If you are in relationships with partner number three, get ready to experiments and to the fact that your partner needs to feel freedom. If this person has enough space, it’ll make everyone happy.


Number 4

Number four under Uranus’ guidance promises to be a great friend, they are practical, witty and always ready to help. A lot of people having number four are workaholics, it is very important to learn to value your efforts and free time. Such people keep secrets well. Though, they are people who are pragmatic and realistic, they can’t bear the routine, they need an instant flow of changes. In some cases the outlook of such person may be quite narrow because of obstinacy and strong belief that the only right point of view is theirs. Such people can be the starters of the conflicts in order to add some drama to their life. However, they are loving people and are sincerely attached to a partner.


Number 5

Maybe there are no people except number five that love adventures this much. These type of person tends to occupy a lot of space, needs more freedom in the relationships that society may find it frivolous. However, it is not true, because such people are caring, loving, they treat you right. Their adjustability to new conditions at work, new cities and places helps them a lot in life. It is inner quality that helps on everyday basis. The inability to focus on one thing and lack of determination is apt to such people.  Guided by Mercury they have good sense of humor and natural curiosity. They usually have wide circle of friends.


Number 6

Number six can be described only by their love to harmony. These people are broad-minded, adjustable, calm, funny, and generous. Family is of highest priority for such people, because they find there love and care, so it is a nice option to make a family with number 6. They are rarely the initiator of the fight in the relationships, they usually look for the consensus.  From the other side, if their qualities manifested negatively number six may become overly possessive, stubborn, and narrow-minded. In the worst cases this personalities can become intrusive, overprotecting and hypocritical. But usually for Venus, they are calm and pleasant people.


Number 7

Such people are oriented inwards, they have powerful and creative state of mind. At the first sight we may not even think such people to be that interesting and inspiring, because of their calm and non-provoking nature. Such people have never heard of the risk, they know what to do and how. We can be jealous about their determination. They obtain inborn intuition and instinctively know what to expect in the future. Such people search for understanding and same moral values in the partner. However, due to their nature they are quite hard to understand, because 7’s are oriented inwards and it is hard to guess what they are thinking about. Sexual life with sevens’ is amazing, they can surprise. In relationships they are very sensitive and inspire partner. People under the Neptune can be aloof and estranged sometimes, but it is a natural need to have a rest. Such people have a lot of illusions about life and people, so they are easily let down.


Number 8

This number is generally considered to be a number of financially successful people. Such people know what they want from life and follow their goal diligently. When you see such person the first thought is that this one is serious and authoritative. Guided by Saturn, number eight likes order and discipline. It is the basis of success for this person. Such people can easily become furious, narrow-minded, inattentive and money grabbing. However, in love they are loyal and generous ready to give it all. But sometimes, eights work so much that the work and family mixes and the behavior line stays the same: imperative, authoritative, estranged. Generally, eights are nice for family and business, as they are realists and ready to provide maximum comfort for the people they love.


Number 9

Number 9 is a type of person that is ready to provide any support and share the valuable experience if needed. It is a nice friend and tutor. These people are very sensitive to the world around, hence they are sympathetic and caring. We can often see them volunteering or doing what they sincerely love as a work. Their personality can manifest in the wrong way, so these people become lazy, uninterested, too sarcastic and even offensive, depressive and nervous. But mostly they are generous and kind people we all want to have as friends. In love they are very mild and somewhat weak, especially if the partner has features of the number eight or number four. It is a type of personality that you’d better never make angry, because no one really knows the fountain of emotions buried inside these mild and calm people.


Number 11

The people under this number are open-hearted and generous. They are very considerate and always think twice before acting. They can give all they have for the sake of comfort of their partner. Such people don’t like changes and are very touchy and sensitive. They are skillful manipulators, but most of them are manipulated by the people they love or respect. In relationships they work for understanding and try to make the relationships durable. Quarrels are rare or initiated by another partner. This number is very understanding and non-conflicting.  In the worst case they may be so sensitive that it irritates and intruding into the life of people around.


Number 22

People with this master number are realistic and pragmatic, staying firmly on their principles and appreciating moral values and thoughts of other people. These people often know what to expect from their future and always strive for more. Their ability to idealize people often comes back as disappointment and their expectations couldn’t be met. Despite this feature this type of personality is very smart. Their attitude to life and their way of thinking don’t appeal to everyone, and they are always surrounded by “critics”. Their love is passionate and somewhat desperate. It may be said that they are able to love only once.

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