letter, tT Transit

You don't feel like sharing your feelings with others during this period. You want to sacrifice yourself and carry out your duties with honor, but you should be aware of excessive self-pity. Try to think over your every decision, some kind of loneliness will be useful for you. Try to find new hobby, start travelling, or educate yourself somehow, because your reception of information is high and productive now. It's a good time for new cooperation, but don't let anybody distract you from working.

letter, uU Transit

You'll admit an increasing of intuition and perception during this time, but you can be too relaxed for important tasks. You will be less motivated than usual. Some images from your past may follow you, and people you've known before may appear again. Pay more attention to family and the closest ones. Try to use your intuition and creativity with profit. If you overcome your laziness, you can achieve great results especially in artistic sphere.

letter, vV Transit

This letter is one of the most magical and secretive ones. You will feel insights and revelation unknown to you before. You will be motivated and aspired, but you will need some time to process your thoughts. On the financial side it is a profitable time, as you will have a chance to input into potentially profitable businesses. The debts from the past will finally be annulled, and you will boost your material well-being. Listen to your intuition.

letter, wW Transit

This period is a great time to forget the past and concentrate on the future. Usually, letter W is a sign of upcoming adventures. However, sometimes you will feel scattered and confused. You will need to pull yourself together and manage your time and life properly to avoid regrets. In order to reach success during this period, your purposefulness and determination should be your main features. Some legal procedures may occur, but you will be on the winner-side. Pay more attention to your health.

letter, xX Transit

You may become more sensitive due to this letter. Your feelings will be really ambivalent. Keep away from extraordinary groups and ideas during this period, you'd better wait until your thoughts are reasonable. You should wait for changes in all spheres of your life, but in the sphere of romantic relationships they will be the most critical. If you hide something from people who deserve to know it, you are going to have big troubles. It is a great time to reveal the truth and release your mind. You can usually make fast and beneficial decisions, but during this time you need someone to keep an eye on you. Material gain and success is possible.

letter, yY Transit

It is a time of moral growth and maturation. Your intuition is very developed, so use it. During this time try to think about your life and how you see it, as decisions that you make through this time will be very important for your future. Your thoughts will give you an insight, so don't be afraid of self-examination. You will be searching for new people to enter your life. Keep an eye on your health, and avoid excessive amount and unnatural foods.

letter, zZ Transit

It is a period full of motivation. You are ready for any level of complexity and for an evolution of your life. As long as you work fairly, you will have a financial stability during this time. Your intuition is on the profound level, so don't be afraid to follow it. New relationships that will turn your life upside down can appear, you may even change a place of living.

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