letter, gG Transit

It is quite controversial period in your life. On the one hand you will get a financial reward, on the other you shouldn't expect others to appraise you for what you've done. Letter G is related to mental and spiritual aspects. Generally this period is prosperous and positive, but if you are not rushing for it. There will be some time during this period when you need to look inside of yourself and think about everything that is going on. Your are energetic, but your energy is directed on the right thing, but you can be more secretive than usual. You tend to be especially emotional when it comes to intimate relationships during this period.

letter, hH Transit

There will be a lot of activity for your mind during this year. You are a generator of interesting and extraordinary ideas. It is a time to promote yourself as more as you can, your ambitious will bring you profit. You are purposeful and determined which makes a great combo for success. On the emotional side you are more touchy than usual and you need some compassion and love.

letter, iI Transit

It is a sensitive period, get ready for both good and ban events. You are overloaded, you need some rest, or you can become stressed out. Learn how to pull yourself together and stay calm. You shouldn't let things around you spoil your mood and life. Beware of insecurity and self-indulgence. Despite the negative things, this year can turn out positive for you with its offers and successful material recompense.

letter, jJ Transit

This period will bring along energy and significant changes. You will have some major possibilities to boost your financial situation. It won't be easy, and you will have to investigate and double-check every detail and possible outcome. Try to do everything completely. New liabilities will show up. Probably you will change the place you live now. However, after quite unstable period of rises and falls you'll feel some sort of renewal or reborn, it will be a new start for you.

letter, kK Transit

This period will make you more sensitive than usual. Things that are subtle for people around will seem obvious to you. You will make a contact with new people. Your ideas are original and it makes your life dynamic. Let yourself feel all the positive sides of collaboration and cooperation with people, as you will share your success with them as well as your responsibilities. You are especially sensitive during this period, and some strange and stressful situations will follow you. Generally, letter K is a symbol of fortune and popularity. Avoid abundance in anything.

letter, lL Transit

It is a time to slow down. You need to think over your plans and resolutions for future. It is a time to contemplate about your life, to puzzle out your inner self, to sort out your desires from needs and duties. If you had some chance to travel - use it! Think about the thing you like doing most, and express yourself. Any artistic expression is especially favorable during this period. New people will easily enter your life. This time is suitable for marriage too. Nevertheless, you need to weight every decision, or you can lose people important to you.

letter, mM Transit

This period will be full of work and pragmatism. You may be secretive, which can confuse people right beside you. So try to show the feelings you have to people around you more. Relationships may experience hard time or test for durability. Think twice before making important life-steps. Pull yourself together and don't let your emotions rule or ruin your life. Give time a chance to make a clear-out.

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