letter, aA Transit

You always think twice before doing, you feel the need to use your mental abilities in everything. This is a time of transformations, dynamic lifestyle and originality. This letter inspires your inner leader and makes you a more independent person. There is a possibility of travel and maybe moving to another dwelling. Also, during this period you can have an insight regarding your place in life.

letter, bB Transit

You may be more sensitive and touchy than usual. You are in a real need of love and tend to romantic affairs. During this period you need to be especially careful with your health in general, and nervous system in particular. You will need to let your hair down. Be open to the ideas others provide. Your career can feel the boost because of your sensitivity and tactfulness. People around would be especially friendly and helpful.

letter, cC Transit

You’ll feel that it is easier for you to express yourself. You have more ideas and concepts. Your brain is in especially creative phase, and your intuition works as good as never, so get ready for some sort of prophecy. You will make friends with someone new and interesting. You are more sociable and open to others. It is a great time for business progress.

letter, dD Transit

You need to look after your health and also pay attention to your diet and physical habits. If you take care of your health now it can prevent troubles in your future. You experience a strong need to be loved and appreciated these days. Your romantic relationships may be vague or tense, but you need to express your feelings more. Due to this transit you will become more independent and travelling is highly possible.

letter, eE Transit

You will be motivated and friendly. You can even move out to a new place or get a promotion under the influence of this transit. You are energetic and full of new desires and ready for new beginnings, especially in the romantic affairs, including marriage. This letter favors finances, but also you might lack of concentration and generally your behavior will be changeable, which is a negative feature. You may become interested in the new religious or philosophical directions.

letter, fF Transit

It is time for you to look inside of your soul, to adhere to your inner self. You will encounter a lot of hardships and increased liabilities both at work and at home. You will doubt your previous concepts and authorities. Your intuitive and sensitive side will prevail this year, but it won’t give you the answer what you want from this life. That’s why you need to listen to your inner self. You may tend to pretend a sufferer during this period, but it is simple escape, and not an act of sincerity and self-sacrificing love. A lot of people will come in need of your help and guidance, seeking for empathy.

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