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Do you frequent professional tarot card readers and you’re still wondering what the numbers that they contain mean? In line with this, you ask yourself what happens if during your reading, you have the same numbers or up to three in a row? As you can see, numerology plays important roles in tarot readings and every card in a deck is associated to a numerological equivalent. In general, the mentioned digits are established on the principles of numerology and for this reason, they represent a spiritual as well as evolutionary process that basically begins with the number 0 and ends with the number 9.

It can be said that numbers manifest vibrations that resonate with energy; they strike individual chords that are used in the harp strings of the supernatural. Simply put, by paying attention to the numbers that appear in a tarot spread, you can strum the mentioned vibration strings then get truths from a reading. Also, at its simplest form, the number meanings of tarot cards can administer extra light to a challenging spread and they can also extend a different viewpoint or orientation when turning to tarot cards for solutions. At its most complex form, the meanings of the said cards may bloom into an overwhelming oracle of geometry, symmetry, and startling alliance that delivers exceptional accuracy in readings.

Longing to know more about the link between tarot and numerology? Then continue reading and be informed.

Utilizing numerology in tarot

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Bear in mind that numerology can be utilized in an interpretation of a single tarot card or whole reading. To add, a vast majority of tarot card interpretations evaluate numerological association. For instance, the “Ace of Wands” suggests determination and new beginnings, while the “Ten of Swords” suggests something that needs to come to an end. For an extensive tarot reading, numerology can be utilized to identify themes that are achieved by deciphering the quantity of the number that appears in a particular reading.

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The number zero symbolizes everything and nothing at the same time. It is signifies and a place of potential, a place where things can happen and a plan of action has not yet started. The number zero can also be interpreted as you in the present moment, someone who has no preconceived notions or expectations. In line with this, it is important to note that there is only a zero in a tarot deck.

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The number one symbolizes new beginnings, potentials, opportunities, ideas, drives, inspirations, aspirations, and so on. This digit deals with that which is about to take place. Several ones in a single tarot reading signify that an important situation or event in your life is about to begin or is in its primary stages of development.

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The number 2 symbolizes duality, balance, partnership, sharing, crossroad, diplomacy, receptivity, application, gentle persuasion, insight, and the like. Several twos in a reading signify a waiting stage where there is going be partial success—partial—because more are going to be added afterwards. Also, the number 2 may also indicate reunion or reconciliation and it should not be confused with balance numbers in numerology.

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The number three symbolizes an introductory achievement of growth, goals, abundance, expression, creativity, friendships, and communication. If several threes appear in a reading, they may indicate a situation that involves more than one individual. It may also suggest delay that is complemented by future success.

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The number 4 symbolizes foundation, structure, stability, manifestation, practical application, concentration, formation, and planning. Several fours in a reading signify the manifestation or fruition of a particular idea together with a foundation where good or bad things may grow.

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The number five symbolizes conflict, loss, instability, change, recreation, and expansion. Several fives in a reading signify change, fluctuation, as well as challenge. In addition, they also suggest material prosperity; which, if not balanced may lead to spiritual poverty.

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The number six symbolizes problem-solving, communication, balance, cooperation, relaxation, harmony, adjustment, social awareness, compassion, love, comfort, care, concern, and domesticity. Several sixes in a reading signify adjustments in attitudes, thoughts, and conditions. Furthermore, they may also personify the capability to surpass difficulties.

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The number seven symbolizes assessment, reflection, meditation, spirituality, wisdom, motives, observation, discovery, and faith. More importantly, faith in things that cannot be seen, but nonetheless exist. Simply put, it is about understanding ultimate truths. Several sevens in a reading signify a time of solitude or introspection.

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The number eight symbolizes change, regeneration, rebirth, re-evaluation, movement, success, spiritual fortitude, attainment, and accomplishment. The said number is also related to power which comes from within that enables you to accomplish things that you are set to do. Several number 8s in a reading signify a positive change in status or thinking.

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The number nine symbolizes attainment, fruition, completion, conclusion, fulfillment, idealism, magnetism, and inspiration. Several number nines in a reading signify events or situations that are about to end, which in turn, leads to another plateau.

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The number 10 symbolizes renewal or the end of a cycle. It can also become 1 since 1 + 0 = 1. As you can see the number 10 is like the Ace, but a notch or several notches higher. Several 10s in a reading signifies endings, which may lead to new beginnings.

Summing up

The link between tarot and numerology cannot be ignored and understanding their link is essential if you want to achieve a truthful, effective, and efficient reading. By doing so, you can also appreciate the reading process and at the same time acknowledge the efforts that tarot as well as numerology professionals exert in every session that they perform. Remember, to understand the energy of tarot cards, you need to be mindful of its components, which include its numerological perspective.

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