Heart's Desire Personality
Bridge Number 6 - 8

Heart's Desire 6, and Personality 1, or vice versa

Your independence is extremely important that is why you should avoid partnership if it is possible. Remember that self-sacrifice is not good thing as well as selfishness. Try to find the middle between these two your conditions. Don't be too serious, but realize that it doesn't mean to be frivolous.

Heart's Desire 7, and Personality 2, or vice versa

Combination of these numbers is contradictory. Both of them are discordant and both of them bestow person many talents. Attention is important for you as you are a rather sensitive. But at the same time you hide your sensitivity and your feelings from others. This inner conflict doesn't let you get what you need. Relationships maintaining is difficult for you as any misunderstanding makes you self-pity and you don't think about feelings of your partner in such situations. One of your strengths is analytical mind. Another your advantage is a great intuition.

Heart's Desire 8, and Personality 3, or vice versa

Number 8 gives you keen mind which is able to handle any business task. In financial sphere you are like a duck in water due to your sense of purpose and intellect. Number 3 makes you spirited, inventive and outgoing. Your success is guaranteed if you use inventive talent in financial field. “Switch on” your creativity in taking business decisions. Trust your abilities.

Heart's Desire 9, and Personality 4, or vice versa

You are a very talented person with a great potential. It is important to understand your big mission in the world. Try yourself in politics or humanitarian matters. Don't lose your energy and time on unimportant little details. You were born for the large projects.

You like to control everything and use the tested methods. Sometimes it is necessary to let changes come into your life and to try new approaches. Flexibility is necessary in some situations.

sixRelationships play a great role in your life. Maintain good and warm relationships with you friends. Spend more time with your close people and your family. It will give you feeling of inner comfort and harmony. Companionship with the other people influences the achievement of your goal positively. Remember that trust is an important aspect in relationships. You have to learn how to trust others and to be responsible for the feelings of your native people. Don't shy to show them your feelings.

Apply your creativity and imagination. It will influence your development good. Calmness and harmony will come if you express yourself in full.

Heart's Desire 7 and Personality 1, or vice versa

Usually the pair of these numbers brings harmony in life of a person. However there is a thing which you should control. Try to apply your imagination and unordinary approach in the field you work in. You have a big talent of creator.

Heart's Desire 8 and Personality 2, or vice versa

This combination gives you several advantages. You carry on negotiations greatly due to your diplomatic talent. You have all abilities to be a leader. But there are some difficulties. Romantic relationships are a problematic thing for you. You are too sensitive and like to gossip too much. It deteriorates even the best relations.

Heart's Desire 9 and Personality 3, or vice versa

You are a very talented and gifted person. You should seriously think about the field of expression of your abilities. Don't suppress your talents. You have to use your artistic gift to feel yourself happy and all-sufficient person.

sevenYou are a person who needs to stay along from time to time and to think about the chief things in your life. You have many questions and you need answers to reach inner calmness. Solitude influences you beneficially. It helps you to concentrate on the things which disturb you. Being along you obtain confidence and calmness. You have satisfaction of getting new deep knowledge and understanding of what is going on.
You are a person with many thoughts and ideas. There are so many things in the world interesting for you. Stay along as long as you need and take your time for planning of your actions.

eightIn most cases you choose the easiest way. Sometimes it works, but not always. And, for sure, it is not the way of your goal achievement. It is necessary to be more organized. You have to know that your success depends on your efforts. Your wish and your ability to change the approach is a key thing for your happiness. Methodical and systematical steps are necessary. In any field you have chosen it is necessary to work hard.
You have all resources to succeed in financial area. Comprehend that the financial side is important and it brings many benefits. In your case practicality is not unnecessary.

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