Essence 8 is a symbol of career and business domination during this period. You will get a major chance in your working sphere, but you will have to put all your efforts on the achievement of this goal. During this time you will experience significant personal growth, strength and confidence like never before.

All that concerns finances, personal economies as well, will be under an examination. You will have more finances than in the past, but more attentiveness and responsibility are needed.

You can start something new, you even feel the necessity to catch the moment. However, you also know how careful you should be to make everything right. Hence, you should be wide awake during your business affairs. If you are not careful, the mistakes you make can negatively influence your life for a few years in the future. Your task is to be cautious and smart while making decisions.

Harmony is the main component of your success and happiness in many spheres of your life from private life to your career. Be very thorough in your evaluations and calculations, at the same time try to find more time to support your closest people.

This Essence often makes old memories surface, as well as the debts from the past. People whom you owe something may become a real problem, so maybe it is time to pay the debts and live a less stressful life. You will experience a growth of income, but take into account the increasing of responsibilities as a bonus.

This time will make you proud of yourself. Because after all that you’ve been through, you are still holding out and reaching success. It is a time when you have fresh ideas flow and career progress. You will be inspired and motivated on work and you’ll be abundantly paid for your efforts.

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