This time is associated with meditation, existential thoughts and personal progress. Your exploration should be oriented inward. You will need some time on your own to think about life and what your destination is, what you want to achieve and how you see yourself in your dreams.

Your surroundings will seem rude and hostile to you. You should know that it only seems so, because your level of sensitivity rises and you tend to exaggerate what you see. This feel of hostility will make you want to spend more time alone in contemplations thinking over past years and your future.

To preserve warm conversations and attitude in the family and in friends' circle you will need to revise your relationships with each person. Avoid pressure and aggression, because you will only hurt yourself and the closest people. Balance is the key. It is a period to be calm and thoughtful. Use this time to understand your real goals, regardless of what society and duties expect you to do. Be calm and respectful to people and think twice before making any important decisions or changes during this period.

You can use this time in order to study one sphere or one question really thoroughly. A work of such kind is really favored by this Essence, as you will be oriented on research and concentrated enough to study something profoundly. You may be interested in new authors, studies, and science. You are very focused and can see real intentions of people and guess the reason of their feelings.

Try not to be critical and cynical. Remember about balance. Don't be too detailed and intellectual, as emotional part may grow poor. Keep an emotional and intellectual balance, and you'll admit that you've become happier.

You will find your hobby during this period. Follow your inner voice and explore things you are interested in. As during this period you can succeed in things you do. Appeal to your inner self and follow the guidance of your heart.

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