It is a time full of duties and liabilities, family relations and personal growth. People around will be in need of your help, advice or attention. Other people will be inspired and motivated by you. There can be moments when you have to sacrifice your time and lots of attention to people right beside you. Empathy and readiness to help are the essential features that will lead you to success during this period.

You may get a promotion or a financial reward. You will be lucky during this period: career and relationships will turn out good for you. On the flip-side your achievements set higher demands to your work and such expectations are hard to meet. You will have to become a workaholic and keen-on-details person.

This period can be full of positive and negative emotions, because you will have a hard time devoting yourself to friends and family. The topic of love will surface in your life. During this essence people usually understand what their true desires in their love life or partner are, so marriages and divorces (unfortunately) happen.

Try to preserve healthy family relations. Cooperate and seek for balance in your family. Try to pay more attention to the kids, they will need it.

You can always feel some sort of pressure from the outside. Your task is to remain calm and concentrated when you face the person who makes you feel uncomfortable. Do not let your emotions outbalance fair reasoning. Always concentrate on your long-term goals.

Stick to your ideas, believe in yourself and people will follow your perseverance. Such attitude will result in appraisal and recognition. A lot of new people will enter your life, and it will be long-term relations that can help you through your life path.

People working in an artistic sphere will feel an unusual inspiration, as this period favors all kinds of art. This essence is a great time to improve personal and career life.

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