During this period you should try to communicate with people around more, and increase collaboration. It is a time to calm down and adhere to the advices you hear. Get ready to follow the instructions or to accept and learn from the experience of authorities. It is not a time to show what you are worth of, it's a time to save energy and learn avoiding pride, ego, and obstinacy. You should be flexible and sometimes fit the society, because during this time the more you oppose the more pressure you'll get.

It is a period of collaboration, the positive outcome of this period depends on your relations and work with other people.

You will be very touchy and instinctive. People will admit that you are a great listener, as you will understand and relate to difficulties in life. You will feel the slightest changes in mood and atmosphere around you and easily adapt to the upcoming events.

You can definitely rely on your intuition, as it works brilliantly and no one can provide better answers on your questions, but you. So use your intuition. Though you are not a leader during this period, but due to your intuition you will follow right direction.

Try to imagine yourself being a consultant or mentor and such strategy will be perfect for success during this period. This time you should go through the phase of interrelationships with people and understand how important it is. Also you will find out that sometimes less is more, and passive roles can be more efficient than active ones.

As a result your desire to work in a team will be rewarded. Be pragmatic with other people, listen more - talk less. Do not let yourself openly judge people.

Because of your sensitivity you will have to search for more balanced and calm surrounding. It is a time to pay attention to the work of your nervous system, as you may experience anxiety troubles. Keep for the people whom you totally trust, don't hesitate to share your feelings, allow yourself to be surrounded by a friendly help. Cheer up and don't let the depression in.

Listen to music more, it will support you. If you have a particular music talent, it will be brightened. Also try to dance more, because your inner grace is at its peak. If you don't like to dance, simply walk down the streets more.

In some strange, passive way others will find you more charming than usual. People will be attracted to you because of your intuition and sensitivity, so get ready for the long chats. In romantic relationships be loyal to your partner.

Preserve your inner core, but try not to manifest bold or aggressive features of your character, don't mess with people, and just follow your way.

Generally, it is a time of a reward through soft persuasion.

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