During this period your need for freedom will be sharp as never. You are ambitious and purposeful. You understand that you have to work hard now in order to lay basement for your future stability and financial success.

Generally, it is a time of inner battle, because you need to find time to realize your ambitions and to pay attention to close people. This time is often associated with obstinacy and narrowness, so try to keep these characteristics balanced.

Instant struggle between the ambitions and people you love may cause some internal problems. You will scatter on desires to accomplish your goal and on the higher, moral values. You understand the needs of people. However, you are still quite cynical regarding idealists and their concepts. You may be convinced now that the only right attitude is the realistic or pragmatic one. Despite your opinion, try not to block your inner voice that directs you on higher purposes. Remember that not everything is measured in money.

Frequently, during the 19 Essence people discover the solution to this problem preferring ambition and egotism over inner voice. It may be a reason of further problems. Others may see you only as selfish and avaricious. As you are guided by your ambitions you may be attracted to the people for whom personal interest is above all. It may lead to some problems with law and illegal activities.

You may become a little bit aloof during this period and become less communicative than in past few years or even withdrawn from society. Also you may feel angry and confused as your ambitions demand more and more efforts, and you have less time for that.

Your main problem and task during this essence is to keep up a balance between your desire to material well-being and higher values such as love, morality, family. You will need to be absolutely honest with yourself and set your priorities. Remember about balance. Cooperate with people around.

Usually, by the end of 19 Essence the material well-being of a person increases significantly, career prospers, but interrelations with people get worse. Don't turn your back from the people important to you, you also need rest and support as everyone else. Stay in touch with people and remember that some things are more important that material goods.

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