A lot of people have this censor inside us that keeps us from doing what we want, form making choices that can bring us happiness and restricts our true nature. However, sometimes the universe favors people and makes this censor disappear for some time. Now it is your period without censor.

It is strange and unusual time. Different extraordinary events may happen, and you will be shocked. Old debts will surface in the most inappropriate moment and you will feel imbalanced. It is emotionally hard time and you weren't ready for this. You may feel lost and abandoned.

The solution is to let the forces that scare you so much guide you, it would be something like passing out of the comfort zone. It is the only way to get rid of the stress and sort out what is going on.

This period may seem to you like a tornado that ruins the town, but indeed it is just a reorganization of your life. No one said it would be easy. But after the tornado has passed away you can feel renewed, relieved and happier than you've been before.

The 16 Essence usually lasts rather for a short period of time. After this period you will admit that you are stronger and more independent person. It is a sign of a new phase in life.

Also this period will teach you how to be grateful. You will need some time to understand and evaluate everything that has been given to you. The love that you neglect, the talent that you have, good moments in your life that were made without you even realizing it. Due to your blindness in some aspects, you were lost and confused having no good moments to hold for. It is a time for self-expression and simple words "thank you" are the key elements in your transformation. Be thankful to the universe for everything you have already, and going to have.

Universe now is acting generously towards you. You've felt like you was abandoned and lost, like it was unfair, but it is a mistake. Everything that happened was aimed to make you the person you are now. So try to become open to the world and accept that your point of view isn't always right. Sometimes traces of the destiny are too complicated for a person to understand. Accept that the universe guides you with love, not hatred.

You may be really disappointed by this period, but you need to develop faith. The faith will help you go through the hard times in your life with confidence that everything will get better.

Contemplate, listen to calm music and pray, open spiritual practices for yourself. Find yourself a regular diet and comfortable set of exercises. Trust more and try to avoid aggression and unhealthy activity.

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