This period is characterised by the growth of emotionality and total change in life. You are intuitive and active, you can even go through psychic experience. Now when you see and understand more, you can observe a horrifying contrast between high and low in our world.

You are overly picky to yourself. Every shortcoming of yours makes you too sensitive, it may have negative effect on you. So you may want to withdrawn from society for a short period. However, you have to control yourself and do not let your slight disadvantages overbalance all the good in you.

Something will stir you up deeply. Possibly the ideas and concepts you had will become ruined and you can be seriously disappointed and confused.

It is time to think about yourself, to contemplate about your life and where you see yourself. Are you satisfied, are you doing things that support your principles, etc. During this period you will realize your real needs and desires, it is a period of self-analysis and appreciation.

After the hardships of this period you will know for sure what is your goal and how you can reach it. This period is a foundation for your future well-being. There will be an inner transformation in you that will touch you deeply inside. You are more compound and “whole” as a person. It is a period of self-evolution.

Rely on your intuition and it will suggest the right way. While you are sensitive and experience hardships, your intuition will guide you to the safety. You are not lost on the way, you are just moving another road. It is troublesome, but it will lead you to positive outcome.

Find your balance through meditation and connection to nature. Long walks in the wood or picnic near the lake is great options to be in peace with inner and outer world.

Don't be upset, look inside of yourself and you will understand that universe favors and supports you in your search for destination. It is an enlightenment time, let the universe manage your progress.

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