It is an absolutely new period in your life. You are standing at the edge of new beginnings. You will not only have plenty of ideas, but you will have more and more people to share them with. During this time many things can drastically change, but you are definitely ready for it. Your task is to let the past go away. Everything that doesn't suit your needs should be removed from your life. The same scheme goes for the people and relationships you see no pleasure or use in. Get rid of duties and habits that work negatively for you. It is your renewal time, so let yourself be interesting, fresh and brave.

You will be able to open leadership skills in yourself. Things and people around you will ask for your attention all the time and it will bring you a lot of difficulties. Also you will have to be honest with yourself, it is time to get rid of pink glasses and take the truth as it is and accept the changes it brings. You will have to save some energy to put your life-plan into action.

It is a time of hardships but after all you will be rewarded as good as you were trying. You will get a chance to have more freedom. Everything depends only on your choices, either you live by the old patterns and habits from the past, or you are open to everything new.

Of course it will be hard to avoid mistakes and regrets at the start. You will have to revise your decisions thoroughly. Imagine yourself being a baby who learns how to walk. There will be ups and downs, and you will need "to survive". It is a great probation of your power of will. Now you are sculpturing yourself. This period promises to heighten your confidence, bravery, and self-appreciation. You will become more in touch with your inner self, you will easily determine your goals and true desires.

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