Life Path 6 and Expression 1 or vice versa

There are two extraordinary extremes in your character. One of them is self-sacrifice and another one is selfishness. It is necessary to achieve balance between these two totally different lines of behavior. Your nature requires independence. For your success it better not to be dependent of others.

Life Path 7 and Expression 2 or vice versa

It is wondering combination which leads to some conflicts in your soul. You have two different traits which are very difficult to go together. On the one hand you are delicate, sensitive person, who needs to be loved. But on the other hand you are very private and put the boundaries which don't let other people be closer to you and give you warmth and attention you require so much. One of your traits is self-pity. That is why any little problem in your relationships seems big deal for you, especially if the problem is criticism. But you have a great potential. Number 7 gives you analytical abilities and number 2 bestows you intuition power.

Life Path 8 and Expression 3 or vice versa

It is very lucky combination which gives you brilliant opportunities in all fields connected with business. Number 8 bestows you such traits as sense of purpose, self-confidence and addiction of mind to business. Number 3 endows you creativeness, nonchalance and sociability, which helps to accept life not too serious. It is important not to keep down creativity in business tasks.

Life Path 9 and Expression 4 or vice versa

You are very attentive to petty details, but you are a person with a big potential in humanitarian, administrative issues and ecological matters. You have to develop your abilities and pay attention to the global things more. Don't waste your time. Learn how to differentiate significant tasks and unimportant details, which you can delegate to others.

It is necessary to become more tolerant and to learn to accept novelties. Habitual traditional approach is not always the best solution. Sometimes it keeps you from your progress and development.

sixLife Path / Expression number 6 belongs to rather creative people. This trait is reflected in any field you deal with. To express your thoughts and ideas is good for your personal development and your success. You may bravely show your innovative projects and feel calm and comfortable because your original approach in most cases is rather successful.

Relationships are important aspect of your life. Their beneficial influence is indisputable. That is why you have to pay more attention to maintain warm relationships with close people and to spend pleasant time with your family.

Life Path 7 and Expression 1 or vice versa

As a rule it is harmonious combination. Usually people, who possess such combination, are creative and unconventional. If it is your mixture of numbers, you have to express your creativeness bravely. It will help you in achievement of the highest top in your field. You are rather eccentric individual and it plays into your hands.

Life Path 8 and Expression 2 or vice versa

Person with such mixture of numbers possess the features of leader. If it is your combination, diplomacy and your talent to negotiate are among your strengths. However, there is a weak side as well. Sometimes you like to gossip and to criticize others. It may be harmful for your relationships. Instability in your finances and your extra sensitivity influence badly your romantic relationships too. It is possible to fix some of these disadvantages, but you have to make efforts as it's not so easy.

Life Path 9 and Expression 3 or vice versa

This combination is very interesting. It endows person a high level of creativity and artistic talent. It would be great for you to connect your life with the profession of artist. If you choose occupation in the other field, you will not application for your aptitude. Suppression of your artistic talent will not lead to good results. One more your valuable gift is the ability to inspire and encourage people.

sevenLife Path / Expression number 7 usually belongs to people who ponder all the issues deeply. Such people are constantly in search of truths of life. Solitariness is the condition in which these people develop their philosophical thoughts and feel themselves happy and free. They don't do something quickly; they need time to revolve in the mind all the matters.

If 7 is your number, your head is full of questions and you yearn for loneliness in order to have space in your mind for finding answers. You crave for getting new knowledge constantly.

eightLife Path / Expression number 8 means that you don't have sense of purpose. Ambitiousness is not your trait. However, it is impossible to live without aim nowadays. Modern life forces you to set definite goals. You feel uncomfortable because you have to make efforts to go to your aim, but you feel a great satisfaction when you achieve it. It is just necessary to be more hardworking and more practical. Modern life dictates us definite rules. You have to understand that material assets and money play not the last role. It is important even for achievement of non-material aims. Your success in any direction depends on your ability to work hard and your ability to understand what can help you.

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