Life Path / Expression Bridge Number 0 - 5

zeroLife Path/Expression Number 0 means that you are a person, who generally takes the right and good decisions. As a rule you are confident and choose the right way to make steps to your success. You accomplish your dreams without difficulties. It gives you feeling of harmony in your inside. Combination Life Path/Expression Number 0 is very fortunate. People with such combination make a great progress in life.

oneLife Path/Expression Number 1 means that you are not sure of yourself. You would rather believe the viewpoint of others than your own choice. More often you think that other people are cleverer and understand better in all subjects. But you have to know that most of them just seem like this. Nobody knows what is better for you besides yourself. Maybe it is discovery for you, but you your intuitive power is great. If you are more confident and more assured in your abilities, you’ll be much more successful and achieve your aims more quickly. Whatever you do you are waiting for appreciation of others. Recognition is important for you. But the reason is just the lack of your self-confidence. Indeed you are all-sufficient person and opinion of other people just hinders you.

twoLife Path/Expression Number 2 gives you characteristic of a very loving and pleasant person. But the other people, generally, cannot notice that. You think that you are open person and everybody understands you, but, unfortunately it is not like this. All people are different and you have to be more tactful to others so that they can see your friendliness. In some situations diplomacy and practicality may help as well.
Sometimes you are not attentive to other people enough. It may hurt them and lead to the further misunderstanding. You have to be more polite and open for making contact with others and avoid conflicts, which don’t lead to your dreams accomplishment definitely. You have to be sure of your capabilities and not to repel other people. This is a recipe of your happiness and your luck.

threeLife Path/Expression Number 3 belongs to people, who are usually a little bit tense and stressed. They are very serious persons. It complicates their life. If 3 is your bridge numerology number, you have to communicate more and to interact with others. Try to socialize and you’ll feel that your life becomes easier. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be serious with the main aspects of your life. But, it is necessary to differentiate important things and situations where you may just relax. Express yourself and apply your talents in some creative fields. It will help you to relax and direct your thoughts in positive vector.

fourLife Path / Expression number 4 means that you are a person whose success depends of ability to concentrate on definite thing and to keep abreast of the times. Don’t reject novelties and innovations, other vice you risk to lose big opportunities which life offers you. Practicality plays not the last role in your success achievement. So, you have to be more realistic and look wider to the events. It is necessary to join the fast move of the world and act dynamically. Your numerology prompts you not to delay your business, but to try to do everything till the end. If you put off something, the most possible you will not return to it and finish.

fiveLife Path / Expression number 5 means that you are a person whose choices don’t distinguish with originality. You are rather predictable in actions. People with the bridge number 5 usually don’t realize their innovative nature. But it lets them succeed in numerous fields. If 5 is your number, it is necessary just to hear your inner voice and to experiment with different approaches. Try to express your point of view braver. Sometimes it is even necessary to risk and to be more open with your ideas. From time to time you are too stiff and inflexible. These are not the best traits for success achievement. Try to change it and become more tolerant and able to find a middle ground.

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