2021Are you interested in what 2021 is holding for you? It might be a year filled with events, positive memories, and accomplishments. Or maybe it is rather a calm period in your life that is going to end in a blink of an eye for you. If you need some answers, let’s analyze 2021 from a numerological perspective.

2+0+2+1 = 5. 2021 is a year of the personal number 5. The year under number 5 is considered to be creative (yes you have to be creative to finally restore from the covid-19 world challenge), inovative and will bring you a freedom!

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calendar, oneThe start of 2021 will feel as a relief, as the situations and issues that kept bothering you in 2020 will be finally solved. So, for personal number 1, 2021 will be associated with a well-deserved rest. Compared to the winding road of 2020, 2021 will be a straight road. It is a good year to start implementation of your plans, since the world and situation around will only encourage you. If you wanted to do something for a long time or have a dream or personal project or aspirations – 2021 will create the needed conditions for you to start acting.

Speaking about careers or entrepreneurship, do not rush. All the changes and new starts should be done gradually, step by step, adjusting to the changes of the rapid world. 2021 is not as fast and rigid as 2020, so some patience and tactics are welcomed. However, 2021 is not dull or boring. A lot of important events will happen, specifically lots of problems will be resolved. It is a year of a fresh start, but it should be planned and structured for a successful result.

In 2021, you should rely more on your family and friends. They are going to need your help, while you will need their support as well. Try not to step back from the dearest people and let them help you as well. If you had misunderstanding in your family in the past, it can be figured out in 2021.

2021 empowers strategy, creativity, perseverance and careful planning. This year can bring amazing fruits, if your actions are consecutive and sometimes bold. There is no difference what size of your undertaking is, whether it is change in interior design, new website, relocation, expanding of your business or starting a new one. 2021 is going to favor your sincere motivation. Continuous commitment will bring you a pleasant and rewarding outcome.

This year, you will be successful, but the right way to reach your success is to make small steps, get small victories on a regular basis. You will need to make a continuous input into your undertaking this year, despite its nature: startup, project at work, personal idea, house renovation, etc. The energy of number 1 in 2021 is about persistent attitude that will lead you to a positive and stable result.

Overall, personal number 1 should get ready for a cool year ahead that is full of new beginnings, an expanding network, great ideas and warmth in a family.


calendar, twoThe first quarter of 2021 will be remembered for some problems that can occur. During this period, it is important to ensure that your focus is on what you can do best and not otherwise. The best strategy will be to keep an eye on what you want to accomplish by the end of 2021. A strong understanding of your dream will help you more than you can imagine.

People you love are going to need you a lot in 2021. The most visible and important changes will take place in your personal and family life. However, it doesn’t say that the changes will bring bad news. It is just the main area of influence in 2021. This year is a perfect one to establish a close connection in the family or to resolve problems from the past. If you had some issues with your spouse or partner, this year, problems would rather resemble a roadblock, meaning there is always another way to the road.

After April, it will be the perfect time to concentrate on your career. It’s a good period to connect to new people in your profession that can teach you something or to enroll in some courses to expand your knowledge and increase opportunities for your career. If you are a business-owner- the same applies – networking and learning more will bring you profit in the end.

2021 will be a remarkable year, filled with emotions and movement. Since you are reading this in the beginning of 2021, you still have some time to set the mood for changes. Embrace them.

If you are a student of any kind, the key to successful exams is scrutiny. Be attentive to details, and it will lead you to broader understanding of the subject.


calendar, threeYear 2021 is the year of active response to the world. It means that, in 2021, you will be very busy doing things, implementing plans, fulfilling your dreams. The main emphasis of 2021 is to create a backbone for the future. So, it should not be doing something just for the sake of doing it. You need to act wisely, keeping the future impact of your actions in mind.

Personal number 3 is associated with continuous movement. It relates not only to work; it is also about personal and emotional life. You will naturally feel empowered, more grounded in your wishes, and confident in yourself and your path. Your ability to prioritize your true desires will really help you reach amazing results. So, you need to focus on listening to your inner self. Among lots of everyday noises, overthinking and routine tasks, you need to sort out the most important things for you and aim at that.

2021 will be a very busy year, filled with events, revelations and finally actions. This year is actually a window of opportunities. You will have time to rest at another time. In 2021, try to work as hard towards your goal as you can, and it will become a great basis in the future.

If you are a student or interested in studying, 2021 favors it. It is a perfect time to get some certifications, to go through courses and pass exams. It is especially good time for you if you study medicine or business (especially getting your Masters). Personal number 3 is a highly rewarding number, so it is often a year of promotions, bonuses, increased rates, as well as better reputation, respect at home and in your professional network. If you want to change jobs, relocate, find a new profession or hobby – 2021 is a favorable time to act. For romantic life, this year is especially favorable for those who are married.


calendar, fourPersonal number 4 is a sign that your actions from the past will be rewarded in 2021. It is a year to reap what you have sown. If you had a tough 2020, it means that 2021 will be much kinder. If you worked hard and got no reward in the previous few years, 2021 will pay it off.

It is important to plan and organise things this year, as the energy of number 4 favors logical thinking and strategy. So the more detailed the plan is, the higher the chances are for it to succeed.

Number 4 favors dreams, aspirations, and ambitions. A lot of what you want can come true; however, there is a hidden catch. In order to get what you want, you need to have inner motivation, dynamics and desire to develop. In this case, in the middle of the year, you will see the first results.

In terms of relationships with friends and family, this year might not be as good with money and career. You will need to pay attention to people around you, especially the ones you love, as misunderstanding will cause you trouble. Mostly, all the possible issues will be related to lack of attention or inability to listen to each other. So, it is very important to avoid conflicts and to deal with situations as soon as you see the first signs. If a conflict occurred, the best way to avoid escalation is to give yourself time to calm down and speak about the issue later. Personal conflicts, if left unsettled, might turn into a huge source of time loss.


calendar, fiveIn 2021, your personal and romantic relationship will be at a good place, while your career will surface. Generally, it is going to be an amazing year for you. You will truly feel that you are close to harmony and balance in everything. It is important that you focus on yourself and follow your inner feelings, as it is the only way to maintain harmony. You will reach better results in things that you love doing.

This year, you will invent steadiness and calmness in yourself. No matter what happens, you know what to do; you act fast and without stress. You are at that point in your life, when you know who you truly are and don’t feel the need to prove anything to the world. You know your value, have time for interests and family. It is really hard to distract you from your goal or to knock you out of your path, because you have that inner balance.

This year, you need to pay attention to money matters and your work, making sure you are working hard enough to set an essential foundation for the next few years.


calendar, sixThe first few months of 2021 are going to be rather turbulent. But there is nothing to worry about, as you will be able to fix everything in short terms. You will be surprised how fast and effective you can be under pressure, and it is a reason to be proud of yourself.

In 2021, the main thing to avoid will be procrastination. If left unnoticed, this seemingly small problem can lead to major issues with self-motivation and discipline. It might affect business or work. Also, the energy of number 6 favors actions and order. If you are unable to complete your short-term goals in 2021, it might take few years to accomplish it later.

However, it is all about balance. Try not to work overtime or be in touch with work while on vacation. Set personal boundaries, but respect deadlines at work.

It is also a year for changes related with your house. If you were thinking about changing place or doing design renovation or refurbishment, this year might be a good one. It is important to surround yourself with aesthetics, because beauty outside will ensure beauty and calmness within. So, visiting museums, galleries or national parks or local nature will be useful.

Also, this year, you need to place an emphasis on yourself. It will be highly beneficial if you find a new hobby (or remind yourself of an old and forgotten one that you truly enjoyed). You can also continue education courses, conferences or simple educational videos on the topic of your interest.


calendar, sevenNumber 7 is a sign that you need to set your priorities right. The first one on the list should be you, your inner comfort and goals. It is important that, this year, you finally set your priorities straight.

You should be sincere with yourself. Don’t think about the expectations of others or society. 2021 should be a year of revelation, and you should only be doing things you believe are right, as well as developing yourself in different directions. Read books, join courses, listen to various podcasts, learn musical instruments or another new thing of your interest. 2021 will favor your investments in yourself.

Personal number 7 has an energy of contemplation and analysis. So, take time to think over things that happened in the past few years, analyze yourself then and now, identify some changes that you want to see in yourself in the next few years.

Stick to people you love, to your family and closest ones. There will be a harsh period in 2021 that will uncover some unpleasant information. You need to analyze it and learn something from it; however, do not dwell on pessimism. Only an optimistic approach will lead you to a better place. 2021 will be an intermediary year. During this period, it is important to get better understanding of who you are and establish a strong inner core as a foundation for future.


calendar, eight2021 is going to be a great and prosperous year for you. There will be a lot of positive changes. You will be in the whirlwind of events. This is a year of inspiration, fulfillment of ambitions, and development. Your projects from 2020 will be rewarded and valued in 2021.

This is also a good year from a financial aspect. Generally, number 8 has an energy of profit. Sometimes it is shown through money, promotion or financial success. Sometimes it is spiritual growth, opportunities, finding the love of your life. 2021 will have a lot of beneficial events.

Some issues left unsolved from 2020 will still demand solving in 2021. It is important to settle everything unfinished from 2020, not to make it stagnant and cyclic.

Your main strength in 2021 will be your focus. You will be able to achieve everything you planned and fix anything if you keep an eye on your goal.


calendar, nine2021 is a year that brings the cycle to its end. It is a year to make plans for the future and analyze what happened during this cycle. If you have unfinished projects, recurring memories, lost contact with somebody, or you parted on bad terms – it is better either to let it go or to resolve it. It is really important to start a new cycle clean, without anything that bothers you from the past. If you accomplish this, you will see that you are calmer, more self-aware, and happier as a person. All the negative energies hold us back, especially if we accumulate it for years. 2021 might not be the easiest year; however, simple everyday things can make it really bright. You can travel to a new destination, learn a new skill, or try a new sport. Try to dive into everything that is interesting to you, from cinematography to culinary. In this case, you will have some good things to focus on this year, so the negative events, things or people will matter less.

2021 is a good and calm year. It is a year of spirituality and contemplation. However, it will test you inside. You might feel nostalgic, unsatisfied or lost. That’s why surrounding yourself with people you love and various interests will help you feel grounded in the present and not to stick to the ghosts of the past.

It is important that you create a plan for the next cycle, things you wanted to start but never felt brave enough. Prepare yourself for a new page in the book of life.