Heart's Desire Personality
Bridge Number 0 - 5

zeroThis number brings you luck. You have a wondering ability to make people feel calm, happy and comfortable near you. They like to spend time with you and look for your company. You are responsible person and you understand that the success depends on your efforts. But sometimes it is impossible to control everything. Just accept it and don't give up. You have a tendency to be nervous if your plan is not fulfilled. If something goes wrong, you don't have to worry much. With time, everything will be on its places.

oneThis number forces you to be more hardworking person. To reach the aim is not so easy. Comfortable for you approach to things is not the best solution. Changes are necessary for you. You'll achieve success if you look for new ways, work hard and remember all the time that all depends of your efforts.
The other people are waiting for open communication from your side. Unfortunately, in most cases they don't get it even if you think they do. Try to be more open with people. Express the thoughts in such way that others can understand you. It is necessary to express yourself in a simple manner in order to make communication easier and to be on the same wavelength with others.

twoYou have ability to influence people. You don't use this aptitude with your private aims. Maybe you even don't know about this ability, but very often people do what you want. However, in spite of this fact, you have to be more attentive to needs of others. Good warm relationships will be long-lasting if you understand expectations of people, who are important for you, and if you don't ignore them. Sometimes it is necessary to put the focus on the wants and needs of others. It will help to build natural harmonious relationships.
Patience is important for your job as well as for your relationships. Don't try to make things too quickly. In some cases it is necessary to calm down and wait a little bit.

threeYou are a very inventive and artistic person. It is always interesting to communicate with you and to watch at you. That is why people like your company much. But you don't always feel comfortable with others because it is easy to hurt you. You are an extremely sensitive person. It is better for you to share your deep feelings and to be opened till the end just with close people, who will not hurt you for sure. It is extremely important for you to become more confident. You have many talents and you deserve to be respected, happy and feel comfortable in any company. All the fields connected with arts fit you greatly.

fourNature influences you beneficially. Spending time outdoors and enjoying the beauty of nature brings you calmness. It is useful for you to become more systematic. Success is impossible without methodical comprehended system of steps. One more essential thing is to understand the real state of affairs because, sometimes, your imagination gives the wrong picture about things.
Other people will understand you better if you understand yourself and become assured in such central things as the meaning of your life and your principles. Reliability and punctuality are the things which are important to work at.

fiveDependence of other people, their mood and their opinion hinders you almost in all aspects of your life. It would be better for you to listen more to yourself than to follow the will of others. You are able to think what you need to do on your own. Just don't be afraid to take the wrong decision. Trust yourself.
You are rather inflexible person. Adaptability would help you in numerous questions. If you want to work at these traits of your character, start with a little adventure, which you don't let yourself in your usual life. Try to do something in the way unordinary for you.

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