It is a period of a major change. Most of your ideals and authorities will be doubted and reconsidered. You will progress in the spheres you'd never thought you can. A great probability for you to become more profound on the psychological and spiritual level. People and relationships that don't suit you anymore will be released. The habits you thought characterized you will probably change or pass of.

You will go through a painful and hard period of letting go of those from the past that have chosen another life path. Holding on for people that don't value relations with you aren't worth a penny. Any conflicting or negative relations will bring only sadness and regret into your life, as well as everlasting issues with law.

You will rediscover your generosity in helping those in need. This time can demand your attention and efforts, but it is all for the sake of good. You are more emphatic and hardships of people around you will make you want to change something in society.

If you are an artistic person, this period is connected with artistic progress, fresh ideas and many more opportunities for an artistic upgrade.

You are extroverted and sociable, you can essentially influence the society you live in, promote changes for better, care for those in need and different ideas or projects that will be useful for all of us. Don't be afraid to set high goals, you are likely to reach success.

However, while working with people despite your high goal, you will see the other part of human nature in forms of jealousy, hypocrisy, egotism, lies. But you should show yourself as a person with a wide outlook, think about the good things in people.

You will change a little bit, as working with people will make you a better person. If you work to achieve common goal, you will be highly regarded both in moral and financial sense.

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