Number 8

Number 8 in Bible is a new beginning, it is a number of hope, new horizons and bright future. It is connected with Jesus and his resurrection, as he was resurrected on the 8th day after he was chosen to be the one who will be sacrificed for the sins of humanity. 8 people were saved in the ark to continue human race and reboot the humanity, leading to new beginning. After this number 8 is a number of new beginning, salvation and triumph. After the resurrection he showed himself to other people, believers, his disciples and Mary Magdalene 8 times before ascending.

The circumcision process for man was held on the 8th day, it is believed that it is symbolical circumcision of the heart through Christ and letting in the Holy Spirit. After this process the people who are in Christ experience renovation, symbolical rebirth and finding of God.

The Scriptures were composed by 40 different people. Number 40 is 5 times 8. In terms of Bible 5 is “God’s grace” and 8 has a meaning of new beginning, as a result, it is a God’s grace that gives a person a second chance for new and happy life and Scriptures are meant to help a person find a way to a new beginning.

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