Number 6

Number 6 in Bible is connected to the human, to the sin and to the evil powers. It manifests all kinds of human weakness. The human was created on the 6th day of the creation week. People have to work six days and then rest on the seventh. The Hebrew slave had to work and be a servant for six years and could be released only on the seventh. Six is the number of years o sow and harvest the soil.

Number 6 is also closely associated with evil temptation and disbelief. Number 6 is he mark of Beast of Revelation. It is believed that humanity without God can have the system in life which is powered by religion, economy and government and all of them are guided by Satan. Number 6 represents imperfection, doubt and weakness.

Jesus was falsely accused of having demon within 6 times. There were 6 earthquakes in total mentioned through the God’s word. The New Testament refers to 6 people who used sorcery, trying to play it off as heavenly actions and who were led by evil spirits. According to Bible, Jesus was asked 6 times by self-righteous people to show a proof or to give a sign so they could believe him.

Closer to the end of Jesus life lots of people who were rulers or governors thought of him as of danger or believed him to have done some awful sins, except 6 people: Pontius Pilate and his wife, Judas (without evil spirit inside), Herod, one thief who was near place the crucifixion and Roman Centurion.

As you can see, number 6 in Bible appears mostly to represent sin, disbelief, doubt, weakness and errors.

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