Do you frequent Biblical Numerology is a special branch of Numerology that concerns numerical values from Hebrew Bible and New Testament, interpreted and explained by biblical scholars and researchers. It is about the symbols and meanings hidden inside of these numbers. The numbers there are rather metaphors to something else that helps us reveal the mysteries of holy book or even read the meaning in other way. It is studied by theologists, though not everybody supports this practice. Other people believe that number in the holy book bear only one meaning, which is to reflect the amount of objects. This article represents the opinion of people who believe that numbers have more to say than simply showing the quantity. The theory claims that the numbers are not random, they have certain design and additional, metaphorical meaning aimed to deliver certain message. These numbers were inserted into their particular place and with such amount intentionally. The vast majority of numerical values was found in Revelation, Ezekiel and Daniel, though it is not limited to it.

Though there are lots of religions and writings that contain numerical values describing historical events, we would like to focus on Hebrew Bible and New Testament. The Greek influence was very important and also had some numerical values to discuss, however it didn’t impact the Jewish and Christian beliefs.

Lots of web resources are interested in the topic of biblical numerology, and we can observe a tendency here, as more and more people are interested in what secrets numbers can reveal.

The topic of searching for something hidden in Bible text is not new, and it is quite controversial, however, it doesn’t mean that there are no secrets left to reveal. The Bible is a book that teaches us to live by certain principles that are essential for prosperous life. As it contains numbers, it is also another aspect that should be researched.

Take into account the next biblical statements that can change our perception of numbers.

God has created everything as a whole functioning system, the God is one, so we believe the universe to be coherent in its functioning.

The human is created according to the God’s image, so we can watch and follow the way God operates everything and record it through mathematical values.

It is in human nature to be weak starting from the original sin, so such huge thing as faith is beyond our understanding.

God told us to work hard and to work on Earth, God also gave us math as a useful tool to cope with tasks he provides us.

The sentences above are very brief in order not to make anything more complicated. These are only few principles to the way we must perceive numerical value and its representation in the Bible. If we think of Bible through mathematic perspective, we can find lots of new senses that will become really useful and lead us to the God.

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