Number 1

Though number 1 is independent, it is the number of unity, which combines all the other numbers within. It is the symbol of the supremacy, singleness, God’s unique and universal power. Number one symbolizes God, the Bible and pure power. Number 1 is also associated with the connection of God and His son Jesus, with his one-of-a-kind sacrifice and kindness. Number 1 is a symbol of godlike forgiveness of all the errors ever made by human.

As the New Testament was composed largely of the quotes from the Old Testament, number one, which is unity, symbolizes God and his will and inspiration for the unity of God’s word in his Testaments. New Testament wouldn’t be fully comprehended if it wasn’t for Old Testament and its Gospels, as their combination and unity provide us the truth.

The God’s entity is concealed in number one. The person can find salvation and forgiveness only in case he or she finds the truth and life in God, one and only. There is no other God, or Savior, or Lord. Only one and it is the key. Number one can be connected to the unity of spirit, faith and one hope that is embodied in the image of God.

Number one is also strongly associated with Jesus. Lots of phrases that mentioned Jesus in Bible were somehow related to number one or its metaphoric meaning. In Colossians 1:15 he was proclaimed “the firstborn of all creature”, both living and dead ones. He was the first to be resuscitated to live forever, and because of that he was called “the first of the firstfruits” in Corinthians (15:20, 23). You also might have noticed in the book of Revelation that Christ referred to himself as the First of Alpha (the first letter of the Greek alphabet) a few times through the book.

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