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People have strong and weak sides of character. For Numerological knowledge life is a great bunch of possibilities to change the weakness to strength, to develop and progress in skills. Karmic Lessons show us the spheres that we are potentially straggle in. There may be several Karmic Lessons.

As you know, each letter has a number assigned to it. Some numbers may occur a few times in your name and some numbers can be absent at all. Karmic Lessons are the numbers from 1 to 9 that are absent in your name. If you see particular number repeated it is a sign of Karmic Strength or a Hidden Passion Number.

You know a lot about your strength and weaknesses that are superficial, obvious, but there is the other side of our hidden emotions, the secrets and wants we don't tell other people and sometimes don't even want to confess to ourselves. We need to be honest with ourselves; it is the part of our internal freedom. We need to know what our subconscious mind is capable of, and know what to expect in times of trouble.

Talents and skills you have are encrypted in the letters and numbers in your name. These characteristics are the instruments needed to figure out what you are able to do in this life. The instruments that you lack of are the letters and numbers missing showing what skills you need to acquire.

People lacking of 3 and more numbers need to work harder on the career and social image. As soon as you possess the qualities you've been missing before, you'll be able to see how your life changes. The main element of your happiness is diligence.

Karmic Lesson Numbers - Lacking Number 1
Karmic Lesson Numbers - Lacking Number 2