woman, emotional


1 - You have a strained lifestyle, and it is the reason of your nervousness. You are a leader in relationships, so you need to seek for understanding and amenable partner.
2 - You are oversensitive and sometimes it affects your self-esteem. You style of behavior is rather protective, so some time is needed for you to start to believe other people.
3 - You have a creative mind and romantic attitude to life. Also, you have a great sense of humor.
4 - You try to pull yourself together every time the emotions are taking over you. You favor the discipline and excessive motions can ruin it.
5 - You like to observe the behavior of other people, the way they talk and their lifestyle. Travelling is perfect for you so you can learn more things about this life.
6 - You are too sensitive and feelings often take over. You can hardly hide your emotions if needed. You sincerely love and appreciate your family and friends, and it is precious.
7 - You are full of feelings and in a strong need of love. However, you have some problems with expressing your feelings in the right way.
8 - You are a person that needs to control everything and everyone around.
9 - You are a sincere person, who tries to provide everyone who is in need with help.
11 - You are very instinctive and adhere to your inner feel. You love so much that you can get lost in the other person. You can say for sure what are the motives and main purposes of other people.
22 - You rarely trust your emotions and feelings, as they can harm you, and your desire to construct balanced and steadfast life can be endangered.

woman, intuitive, think


1 - Your intuition cooperates with your consciousness; it is based on the experience and facts you know, so it rarely misguides you. You can understand things of different complexity level.
2 - Your intuition is quite good. You are pretty sentimental and usually follow the track of your thoughts at spiritual matters.
3 - You are very creative, and your thoughts regarding many things in the universe are profound. You are a dreamer and often imagine possible and impossible outcomes of a particular situation.
4 - You like the things that are well-checked. You may be religious and honor traditions.
5 - Your intuition is very developed, and you often rely on it. You need to add some discipline to your inner visions.
6 - You have a highly developed intuition. The experience and thoughts you have are usually taken very seriously by you. You adhere to your feelings.
7 - Your intuition is something to boast about - it is progressive. You understand deeply different immaterial questions. You are waiting for something great to happen.
8 - Due to your great intuition you can sometimes forecast the weather. You can easily tell what the hidden motives of different people are.
9 - You want to experience a lot of spiritual aspects; you are a person with profound understanding of life. A lot of people believe you to be at least impressive.
11 - Your intuition is really developed. You can tell the upcoming events, and you don't guess, you tell what you feel. You can influence the disposition of people around.
22 - You feel uncomfortable if people around start guessing things they do not know for sure. You admire facts and precise things. You have common religious views.

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