Your advantages

You are confident and value your self-independence. You want to be as free as you can, and really make lots of efforts to make it happen. You have a lot of perspectives in life, but a lot of them you consider as restricting and they can limit your ability to be independent. You need to understand that you can't escape your society, and true independence is acknowledging your dependencies and getting along with it.

nineteen, woman, freedom

You are very ambitious and know the steps to success and follow them. You are easily inspired and like to hear when somebody praises you. People like you are reliable and real professionals. Every activity you take part in benefits strongly from your input. You are hard-working and it makes people respect you, though some of them don't even know you close enough.

You are eager to make risks to get what you want. You can change your surroundings, move to another city, stop communication with someone easily if you feel that it prevents you from accomplishing your goal.

Your shortcomings

You keep yourself private, it is okay, but you tend to aloofness. You need to take a wider look on yourself and people around, because you want to reach your goal, but doing it alone may take too much time, while others can bring you an excellent idea, or point out mistakes that you didn't see. Think about society as a tool for making things better and achieving your goals.

You can become really stubborn and obstinate. As a result you can be isolated and stop progressing. You are devoted to your ideas, and if they fail, you become harsher as a person. You are quite touchy, you try to avoid criticism instead of using it to make things better. Your determination is exceptional, and it can be highly rewarded, you just need to be more open and less narrow-minded.

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