Your advantages

You are a diplomatically talented person, as you can motivate others, assure them, and make people trust you. You can realize yourself in areas of politics, law, art and religion. You see people through and understand them and these qualities are vital for you.

eighteen, man, motivate

You have a universal mind, you can be taught anything and you will be successful in it. So it is up to you which direction of knowledge to choose. However, you should choose one sphere of interest and the second one should always be arts, in order to broaden your outlook and reveal your potential fully.

People born on the 18th day of the month are often great artists. You need to try yourself in various areas before choosing one to specialize in.

You are a humanist, you know and understand feelings of people, their needs and struggles. You are emphatic, so you can help directly the needs of community and people there, and what is more important - you do care for them. The greatest pleasure that you can get through life will be a result of your actions to improve the living of others. From the other side, you can be deeply disappointed and even broken down, if your efforts will be vain. Sometimes you tend to be dramatic, but most of the time you are quite composed.

You are able to make good money if you work in the service-oriented areas. The bigger is your work for people - the bigger is your resulting income.

Your shortcomings

You will have problems with ability to forgive others or to accept another point of view. You must cut off all the negative connections and people who make you feel bad form your life without delay. If you want to do something bad in return, the negativity in your life may double, so you better don't.

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