seventeen, ships, leader

Your advantages

You are an inborn leader and have business oriented state of mind. Your methods are creative, interesting and innovative. You know when to use pressure and when to weaken control. The inner feeling that you have leads you brilliantly.

Your reasoning is clear and concise. You can properly control and organize any process. You have a clear view on prospective, as in the larger scale, so you see the details. You are a person to rely on and large projects are rather motivation for you, than a challenge.

You have high standards to yourself, and if the expectations of others are higher to you, it is the best stimulant you can get. It works, especially, if somebody expresses doubts regarding you. You are 'all or nothing' type of person and often tend to exaggerate the importance of things. Your status is essential for you and you work for it and like to boast with it.

Your shortcomings

The hardest thing for you is that you may start thinking that you are the only person that can bear a responsibility and instead of sharing your authority and division of your powers you may want to do everything alone, which is ineffective and harmful for you. It is some form of dictatorship, where you are really sure that you are the one chosen for this role. You are very ambitious and it extends through the all areas of life. You may become overly judgmental, self-confident and exposed to vanity. If you share the power you have with others, you will only multiply it the things that you get.

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